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Boxmark specialise in producing premium quality leather specified by leading global brands to stand out from the crowd. We are the only official distributor for Boxmark in the UK.

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Perfect for so many applications, Boxmark retains the natural beauty of leather whilst enduring considerable wear and tear. All of the Boxmark leathers are sourced from European bulls, meaning the hides are in excess of 5m² giving good yield and value. The whole Boxmark range offers a gorgeous array of colours and varied thickness giving you plenty of choice:

Count Range

The Boxmark Count range is wax treated nubuck leather offering a luxury silky texture, developing into a wonderful patina over time. Count Prestige has a flat glazed appearance making it a good choice for modern furniture and upholstery designs. It is 1.3-1.4mm thick and available in a choice of 13 colours, predominantly neutral shades. Prestige can be further enhanced with the Emotions textures. Count Comfort offers a thickness of 1.6-1.8mm and has a distinctive dry-drum pattern giving a beautiful high end texture. The cones of the grain have been hand finished to a slightly darker shade. The Comfort range is available in 9 subtle colours.

Imperial Range

The Boxmark Imperial range has been given a wax treatment, which offers fantastic performance qualities. Imperial Premium is 1.3-1.4mm thick and has a flat silky natural grain texture. The leather is offered in 17 colours and can be further enhanced with the Emotions patterns. Imperial Crown is a thicker leather of 1.6-1.8mm and has a natural dry drumming grain appearance. The Crown range is available in 17 shades. Both the Imperial ranges are excellent choices for upholstery projects.

Mondial Range

The Boxmark Mondial range has a thickness of 1.6-1.8mm and a distinctive grain. It is especially wear resistant, making it a great choice for both private and commercial furniture and upholstery projects. The leather offers high levels of light resistance, flexibility and tear resistance, and can be finished to the highest standard of flame resistance. There are 40 beautiful shades to complement any interior.

Royal Range

The Boxmark Royal range is hugely versatile, hard wearing leather – a perfect choice for furniture in domestic or the highly demanding commercial market. Royal can also be treated for the aviation, marine, rail, commercial and after-market automotive environments. The leather is 1.3-1.4mm thick, making it flexible and easy to work with. There are 57 magnificent colours to choose from, offering something for everyone. This is further enhanced by Boxmark‘s innovative Emotions range, offering a further 19 different embossed finishes.

Xtreme Range

If you are looking for the ultimate leather choice to stand up against ultra tough environments then take a look at the unique Boxmark product – Boxmark Xtreme. Treated to cope in marine, aviation, rail, commercial furniture and after-market automotive sectors, it is even able to withstand the rigours of the outside elements. To learn more about Xtreme, check out our dedicated page.

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