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Colour of the Month: Green

Green leather, car leather, upholstery leather

At long last, it looks like Spring really has sprung! Of course, with the green shoots appearing, green just had to be our colour of choice for this month.

When it came to looking for green car images, we were faced with a dilemma – vintage or new? So, we chose both…

green leather, Automotive leather

And, as always, there is plenty of inspiration…

Green leather, car leather, upholstery leather

Green is a very popular colour for car interiors, so there is plenty to choose from, for both automotive and upholstery. Here is just a selection of our green leather and Alcantara options…

For all the automotive products available in green shades, please check out this link: Green Automotive Leather, Vinyl and Alcantara

If you are looking for upholstery leather in green, then this is the link: Green Upholstery leather and vinyl

green car interior leather, green upholstery leather

As always, please contact us on 01932 353 338 to organise samples, or place an order.

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