We also offer a range of complementary services...

Whilst our core business is supplying leather hides, vinyl and microfibre products, we are able to offer the following services to further enhance your project...


Some of the patterns we offer are traditionally found in automotive environments - particularly basketweave. The Boxmark Emotions patterns are only available on Boxmark leathers. Please note that several of these patterns are only available on certain ranges at point of purchase. If you would like to discuss patterns and what is available, please contact us.


The range of perforations we can offer are predominantly found in car interiors, although they can be applied to fabrics for any environment. Please note that some perforation patterns can only be offered at point of purchase, and not applied retrospectively. Please contact us for details.

Logo Embossing

If you would like a logo embossed onto your leather, often used on headrests in cars, we can supply these. Whilst we have a range of logos already available, we can also offer a bespoke service, so please talk to us about your requirements.

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We can provide a thinning service for any hides purchased from UK Hide. Prices are based on the size of hide, so please contact us for further information.

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Flame Proofing

Do you need hides flameproofed to BS5852 for upholstery or to Crib 5 for commercial use? Or perhaps you need FAR25 for aviation use? No problem, we can handle this for you, we will have the leather treated to the standard you require, before sending it to you.

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Hair on hides

We are able to source hair on hides in different patterns and colours for upholstery use and for rugs. As each hide is unique, please contact us if you would like information about what is currently available.

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Coronavirus update - 27 April 2021

Whilst we are now moving out of the rigid lockdown restrictions, we are still unable to accept visitors, due to social distancing rules. Please do not visit our premises, but contact us by phone with any requirements.

Thank you for your continued support.