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Colour of the Month: Brown

brown leather, automotive leather, upholstery leather

Gorgeous brown is a great colour choice for leather. It really seems to bring out the natural beauty and grain of leather, and there is a huge choice.

A very versatile colour option – from traditional projects with gentleman’s club style firm and dark brown leather, to buttery soft browns for occasional use – there really is a brown for everyone.

When it comes to brown for cars, we were a little challenged, but of course, we rose to the occasion…

brown leather

Plenty of inspiration, including some fantastic textures. And that chocolate mousse has our mouths watering…

brown leather

And here is a just a small selection of our brown leather options suitable for automotive and/or upholstery projects…

For all the automotive products available in brown shades, please check out this link: Brown automotive leather

If you are looking for upholstery leather or vinyls in brown, then this is the link: Brown upholstery leather and vinyls

As always, please contact us on 01932 353 338 to organise samples, or place an order.

brown leather

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