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Colour of the Month 2020: Red

red automotive leather

It might feel a bit cliched focusing on red with Valentine’s Day in February. But we know the love and passion our customers have for their work, and the emotions great cars evoke for automotive enthusiasts, so we make no apologies.

Red leather is both traditional and modern, contemporary and iconic – what could be more of a statement than the red leather of the House of Lords?

Red speaks volumes in the car world… Sporty red supercars and stunning red leather upholstery – timeless.

red automotive leather

We’ve gone for something slightly different for our inspiration this time…

The quintessentially British Red Arrows, the on trend Vespa and a red speedboat bombing through the waves. Just let your imagination flow…

And here is a taster of our red leather, vinyl and microfibre options suitable for automotive and/or upholstery projects…

For all the automotive products available in red shades, please check out this link: Red automotive leather.

If you are looking for upholstery leather or vinyls in red shades, then this is the link: Red upholstery leather and vinyls. We also have some beautiful red leathers and vinyls for marine and aviation projects and even outdoors too.

As always, please contact us on 01932 353 338 to organise samples, or place an order.

red upholstery leather, red aviation leather, red marine leather

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