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Feature – Embossing

This year we thought we would share some different ideas and inspiration with you. We are kicking it off with embossing.

Here is some of our inspiration – intricate woodwork, symmetrical metal patterns, and gorgeous letterpress. All creating wonderful textures and a unique effect for any project.

Did you know that we can have unique embossing created for you?

We work with a manufacturer to create a stamp with your chosen pattern. We are then able to emboss in house, using our beautiful antique embossing machines, which you can check out on Facebook and Instagram this month.

This service is more suited to relatively small projects, due to the restrictions of the equipment.

Please note: There are copyright restrictions, so we are unable to reproduce brand logos.

If you would like to learn more about embossing for one of your projects, please contact us on 01932 353 338.

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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - 29 October 2020

Please note we are based in an area currently identifed as Tier 2.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any visitors, so please do not visit us.

If you would like any of our on site services such as thinning, please call us to arrange this. We can also confirm current stock levels by phone - 01932 353 338.

Stay safe and keep well.

Best wishes 
from all at UK Hide