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Introducing Beautiful Buckingham

We have just launched some fantastic new leathers, which we’ll be sharing with you in the coming months. The first range is Buckingham. You’ll find out more about this beautiful upholstery leather below…

Buckingham upholstery leather

Buckingham is one of our new upholstery ranges and, with 102 colours to choose from, it’s very much our flagship range.

The leather is sourced from European cattle, meaning the hides are high quality, with limited marking. The average hide size is 4.8 – 5.0 square metres. A protective top coat is added after the colour, giving the leather a soft waxy feel and a semi matte appearance.

Neutral shades upholstery leather

Vibrant colours of upholstery leather

Buckingham is perfect for furniture and upholstery use. It can be additionally treated to Crib 5 for use in commercial settings.

Please contact us for individual swatches, or the full Buckingham sample folder, on 01932 353 338.

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