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Perforations – More complicated than you think!

On the face of it you would think perforations are pretty straightforward. You either want holes or you don’t!

But actually there is quite a lot to think about. We lift the lid on perforations…

Round Perforations

Round is the most popular perforation choice. The holes are usually 1.1mm in diameter, with a tolerance of 0.2mm. Each pattern is referred to by a mixture of letters and numbers, which identifies the gap between holes.

You can see the details of each pattern in our Services brochure.

The majority are standard patterns, but turnaround times vary, dependent on the pattern, the amount required, and availability. You should allow up to two weeks, but we will quote delivery times, at the point of order.

Square Perforations

The square perforations are usually 1.3mm, and again have a tolerance of 0.2mm. There are fewer pattern options and the maximum width for each panel is 800mm – which would be suitable for most seat inserts.

Again, you can see the details in the Services brochure.

PM Sternchen Perforations

This is a star shaped perforation sized at 1.1mm. This service includes a tooling charge.

You can download the technical specifications for our most popular perforations here: Perforations Tech Specs

Other Patterns

As well as the more regular patterns which are consistent across the leather/material, there are a couple of additional options: P10 GP and Mercedes Basket Weave. Please contact us if you would like further details of either of these.

Embossed Perforations/Dimples

As an alternative to perforations we also offer embossed perforations/dimples. Dimples have the appearance of perforations, but are embossed so they don’t go all the way through the leather. This is a particularly good option for areas where the hide has to be stretched, such as steering wheels, as it reduces the chance of it pulling out of shape or tearing. Dimples are only available in black and anthracite half hides, and are a stock item – immediately available.

You can download our full Services Brochure here: Services brochure

Please note that all of the above perforations services are delivered by our carefully chosen partner, so we are unable to offer a next day delivery for perforations. Please ask us to confirm carriage charges and delivery dates, when requesting costs for any perforations, or placing an order, to avoid disappointment. As always, please contact us on 01932 353 338 for advice and prices.

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