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Range Focus 2020 – Buckingham Collection


Buckingham is one of our own leather ranges. Hugely versatile, the leather is equally at home in domestic and commercial upholstery settings, as well as marine and aviation environments. Buckingham is already marine compliant with IMO RES A652 (16) certification. Additionally, it can be FAR 25 and CRIB 5 treated for aviation and commercial settings.

The hides are sourced from high quality European cattle, delivering good sized hides, with minimal scarring. The leather has a lightly buffed natural grain. After colouring, a coloured top coat is applied, resulting in a soft waxy feel, and a semi matte appearance.

Talking of colour, there is a huge colour palette – 102 colours to choose from, so there is definitely the right choice for your next project. You can see the whole range here: Buckingham range.

Buckingham varies in thickness from 0.9-1.1mm. You can find out more details about the characteristics and technical specifications here: Buckingham Technical Specifications.

Hides vary in size but are usually quite large, averaging around 5.0 square metres.

Please let us know if you would like a sample of Buckingham, or a quotation for a specific project – 01932 353 338.

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