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Range Focus – Old Timer

Old timer automotive leather

Old Timer is a top dyed veg tan leather. The traditional manufacturing process means the leather will darken with age and patinas, to give it a more traditional leather appearance. These characteristics make this range a great choice for authentic restoration work on classic cars.

You can find out more about the characteristics and technical specifications here: Old Timer Technical Specifications

There are 14 traditional automotive colours to choose from. Check out the colour range here: Old Timer range.

An average hide is around five square metres, and has a thickness of around 1.2 – 1.8mm.

PLEASE NOTE: Our supplier has recently changed tanneries for this product, which has resulted in a very different appearance to the leather, which you can see in our images. Old Timer used to have a natural grain with a noticeable texture, but now has a much smoother nappa like finish, and is also slightly more matte.

We are highlighting this, because any hides you order now will not match existing leather you hold from the Old Timer range.

Please let us know if you would like a sample of Old Timer, or a quotation for a specific project – 01932 353 338.

veg tanned automotive leather

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