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Range Focus – Parkside Collection

ParksideTM is a contemporary leather from Connolly – a brand renowned for manufacturing the highest quality leathers. This latest range is no exception and covers a gamut of applications including aviation, marine, automotive and upholstery.

Starting with the finest quality North European raw material, a modern tannage and retannage is used, giving a soft round feel with a pleasant aroma.

Connolly have developed a beautiful soft surface touch with a warm pliable handle, giving supreme comfort. The finish has been developed to meet high durability levels without compromising the aesthetics of the product.

Parkside has a fine natural grain, which is achieved by a light dry milling at the end of the process to highlight its natural beginnings.

Parkside™ is a fantastic choice for high end projects. It varies in thickness from 1.0-1.4mm. You can find out more details about the characteristics and technical specifications here: Parkside Technical Specifications.

There are 25 gorgeous colours to choose from.  You can check out the full colour range here: Parkside range.

Hides vary in size but are usually quite large, averaging around 5.3 square metres. The range is priced at £5.80 per square foot, or £62.50 per square metre.

Please let us know if you would like a sample of Parkside, or a quotation for a specific project – 01932 353 338.

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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - 22 December 2020

Please note we are based in an area currently identifed as Tier 4.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any visitors, so please do not visit us.

If you would like any of our on site services such as thinning, please call us to arrange this. We can also confirm current stock levels by phone - 01932 353 338.

Stay safe and keep well.

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