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Range Focus – Vaumol Collection

In the golden years of the motor industry Vaumol™ covered the interiors of Grand Marques such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Jaguar, as well as many others. It was used in many of the most famous public buildings, such as the House of Lords and House of Commons, and even graced the interiors of many of the most famous liners. Vaumol’s unique combination of patina, aroma and natural grain made it the first choice, particularly when the grain was subtly enhanced by the use of a second colour, seen in the Luxan version.

Connolly have recreated this range using their original recipes from the archive. The natural origins of this unique product are visible individual hallmarks to be treasured. The Vaumol dressing and finish enhances the natural characteristics of the traditional undyed leather and some degree of colour and grain variation is to be found from hide to hide. In the case of the Luxan version, this individuality may also be seen throughout each hide.

Vaumol™ is the perfect choice for many authentic car restorations as well as high end interior projects. Hides vary in size but are usually quite large, averaging around 5.3 square metres.  Thickness also varies from 1.0-1.4mm. You can find out more details about the characteristics and technical specifications here: Vaumol Technical Specifications.

There are 30 beautiful colours to choose from. As well as their standard colour palette, the tannery can produce bespoke colours, with a minimum order of 5 hides, or 10 hides for the Luxan finish. You can check out the full standard colour range here: Vaumol range.

Please let us know if you would like a sample of Vaumol, or a quotation for a specific project – 01932 353 338.

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